The incredible story of the Worlds Greatest Illusionist, Escapologist and Magician that you have never heard of.


This site is dedicated to telling the story of Valentine Augustus Walker MIMC (1890>1969).

Val has been described variously as: 'A Magical Legend' (R C Ritson), 'Ranks high among the magical "greats" of all time' (Bayard Grimshaw) and 'probably the greatest escapologist of all time' (Chris Gower). He topped the bill at his very first professional performance in 1914, had many seasons at Maskelyne's St Georges Hall, is the only performer to appear twice daily for six months at the Beunos Aires Casino and yet he retired in 1924 after only ten years on stage.

His many acts and feats include: Catching the bullet, The Submarine Escape, The Tank in the Thames, The John Bull Straight Jacket, The Radium Girl, The Aquamarine Girl, The Bacon Box and probably hundreds of escapes from Handcuffs, Straight Jackets, Manacles, Ropes and Chains. In fact, he escaped from most restraints so easily that he struggled to make a show of them!

Val was awarded membership to the Magic Circle in 1914 whilst still an amateur and elevated to 'Member of the Inner Magic Circle' in 1918. He served in the Royal Navy throughout the First World War, as an Electrical Artificer, until he was invalided out in 1918. After retiring from the stage he persued a career as a businessman, retiring from a hugely successful Hair Dressing and Property business in the late 1950's, settling for the remainder of his life in Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth.

His story is quite extraordinary, he met his future wife at the age of 12, performed incredible escapes aboard HMS Invincible, topped the bill from his opening night on the stage, gave up the stage to be with his family and ended up building the countries first chain of hair dressing salons before retiring to walk around his garden on his hands! Bizare, strange, unbelievable but all true. I hope that the many pages of this site will give you an insight to the life of a Wizard, Val A Walker.

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Val A Walker 1918

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