Tank in the Thames Invitation



August the 20th 1920. Val A Walker escapes from a bolted, flooded admiralty tank lowered in to the river Thames from the Sea Scout training ship 'Northampton'. 

 One of his best known escapes, it has been discussed by magicians the world over. The method of his escape is still known only by one person!

 In exploring this amazing feat, I would suggest that you start with the Gaumont Newsreel that we have had restored and present here for viewing for the first time since the 1920's.

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    1. The original Gaumont Newsreel of the escape
    2. Article by Bayard Grimshaw, Magical Editor of The World's Fair
    3. The Tank in the Thames story as written by Magical Historian R C Ritson
    4. The Great ABRA Debate, All the letters and articles published in Goodliff's Abra Magazine during 1970
    5. The Kelvin Walker presentation to the BMS on The Tank in the Thames


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 With Powel & Maskelyn



val walker 1918 small

Val A Walker 1918

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